Magic Johnson wants to stop talking about the Lakers’ problems, but when Obama asks, you have to answer. And of course, Magic has plenty to say about Kobe, Mike D’Antoni, and much more.

TGT brought the house down on Arsenio’s show with their performance of “I Need.” From the moment the curtain opened, it was pure pandemonium, and the crowd never calmed down. 

Tyler Perry’s character Madea was never supposed to get this big. Tyler told Arsenio how and why he created “Madea” and why he began writing.

Arsenio got Key and Peele to break out their valet characters, and they went wild with “Harlem Night” and “Coming to America.”

Chance The Rapper makes his late night debut on Arsenio’s show with “Chain Smoker.”

Eddie Murphy and Arsenio discuss if they will make a sequel to “Coming to America.” The answer involves more threats than you probably expect.

Arsenio coaxed the guys from ‘The Best Man Holiday’ into doing their dance to New Edition’s “Can You Stand The Rain?” The cast discussed what the song means to them, and Terrence Howard explained how the song has grown on him since he has been through more in life.

Arsenio and Leah Remini go back further than he remembers, and the story doesn’t go down the way you might expect.

Dr. Phil has something that Arsenio wants back, and Arsenio will stop at nothing to get it back. 

Earth, Wind & Fire get the party going with a performance of their legendary hit “Shining Star.”